Dwyer 8-13-18 Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald – IMO Did He Do It?

3 thoughts on “Dwyer 8-13-18 Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald – IMO Did He Do It?

  1. Mr. Dwyer, I enjoy your true crime analysis very much. Your logic and your arguments are always very well reasoned, fair minded and logical, ‘thank you,

    With respect to the MacDonald case, I fall into the camp of those who believe he committed the crime, I believe that the preponderance of evidence, both physical and circumstantial, point to his guilt, and I believe that his conviction and sentence are both fair and just.

    Having said this, there is one part of this case, however, that still troubles me and that I was hoping maybe you could help me with: if it’s true that there are in existence sworn affidavits by several people that both Helena Stoeckley and Greg Mitchell confessed to both their presence at the crime scene and to the murders themselves, then why haven’t these documents made their way into a court of law?


  2. Helena Stokely admitted to being in the McDonald home on the night of the murder and it’s been reported she was able to describe the different rooms in the home, like the broken hobby horse in one of the kid’s rooms. There were also multiple witnesses who saw a woman fitting her description on base that night.
    Helena’s neighbor stated he saw Helena pull up in her driveway around 4am the morning of the murders with a black man in a mustang and she was wearing a wig, floppy hat and boots.
    Due to Helena’s extensive history of drug abuse it would be crazy to believe much of what she stated, but what would she have to gain with her claims?

    I’m still on the fence with this case.

    It doesn’t make sense to overkill the three most vulnerable people in the home & leave McDonald with non life-threatening injuries. Unless they wanted to make him pay for not giving them drugs in the ER.
    People under the influence of psychedelic drugs would not be expected to think logically.

    But how do you explain the surgical precision stab wound to McDonald that collapsed his lung all while fighting off three drug-crazed men??

    There are so many unanswered questions.

    It’s hard to believe that a husband and father could slaughter his pregnant wife and two young children. What was his motive??
    It’s unimaginable and maybe that’s why I want to believe so badly that there may be some truth to Helena’s account.

    There’s more evidence that points to McDonald’s guilt than to his innocence, but there’s still a very small shadow of doubt in the back of my mind. What if he is telling the truth??

    One thing I’m certain of: If Jeffrey McDonald is guilty, he will never admit to it even on his deathbed.


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